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Rainy day fixes – how to bring the party indoors if the heavens open

Even with the soggy British climate, there should be plenty of opportunities for sun-drenched garden parties and BBQs throughout summer. But if it’s unexpectedly rainy, like it has been recently, you’re going to need a Plan B.

The prepared party planner has plenty of tricks up his or her sleeve, just in case rainy weather ruins your outdoor summer bash. Bear these tips in mind and your party will never be a washout:

  • Keep an emergency gazebo on standby

If you have a garage or some other storage space, invest in your own gazebo for moments like this. If you don’t want to buy one and you’ve been keeping a close eye on the forecast some days beforehand, you can always hire a marquee. If it rains on the day, you can simply set it up and create your own little beer tent! Set up a table, pop up some cheerful balloons and you’re all set. You’ll stay dry and still get to enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Go camping!

Don’t have a gazebo? If you have a large tent (one you can stand up in is ideal) – you can turn your party into an impromptu campout. Grab a load of food, drink and snuggly blankets, turn up the music or enjoy the comforting sound of rain on canvas. This is a brilliant idea for children’s parties, they’ll absolutely love it. It’ll be almost like you planned it all along!

  • Make sure you have plenty of rainy day games

A well-stocked board games cupboard can be a real saviour at times like these. If it rains, head inside and launch a board game tournament, with plenty of drinks, snacks and music on hand.

  • Make it cosy

If you’ve had to move the party indoors, why not embrace it? Make everyone feel cosy and comfortable as a storm rages outside, with plenty of candles, party decorations, cushions and comfort food. You can all relax, settle in and watch the rain on the windows. It isn’t the party you planned, but it could turn out to be a memorable day packed full of quality time with your loved ones.

  • Be flexible on the start time

If it’s forecast to rain in the morning, why not push back the start time for your BBQ or garden party? If you can be a little flexible, you could end up saving the day.

  • Cook your BBQ food indoors

If you have a fridge full of burgers, sausages and chicken legs waiting to hit the barbie, but the heavens open – here’s an easy (and delicious) back-up plan. All you need is a cast-iron griddle pan, turned right up to full heat. Get the extractor fan onto to avoid a smoky kitchen, and you’ll soon be tucking into BBQ food that’s almost as good as the real thing.

For all of your party supplies, whatever the weather, head to The Event Experts – we know just what it takes to create unforgettable parties.


Party ideas to help you celebrate exam results day

This August, students up and down the country will be opening those all-important envelopes. It’s A-Level results day on 15th August, followed closely by GCSE results day on 22nd August. It’s a nervy time, but an occasion that should be celebrated no matter what happens.

So let’s plan a results day party! Planning can take your mind off worrying about your results in the days and weeks leading up to results day, and it can also give you something to look forward to. You’ve worked so hard during your exams, so it’s time to have some much-needed rest, relaxation and fun with your friends and family.

Here are some top party planning tips to help you celebrate your results – whatever they may be – this August…

Have a BBQ

This is an easy, laid-back way to celebrate exam results in summer. Ask everyone to bring some food and drinks, and head out into the garden to eat, drink, celebrate and commiserate. If everyone is old enough to drink, put out some punch or a bucket of cold beers, but keep a close eye on people who are disappointed with their results – as drowning sorrows can go too far!

You may want to just chat and hang out, but you could also consider some activities to give your party a little more structure. Choose something silly like Twister, football or beer pong so that everyone can just have fun and take their mind off their exam results.

Create a mini spa at home

What better way to unwind after the stress of exams than with a relaxing spa day? Save yourself the expense of booking everyone into an actual spa, and recreate it at home. Face masks, manicures and pedicures can all be done by you and your party guests, but you could also hire a massage or other therapist for a couple of hours. Put on some relaxing music, head out into the garden for a sunbathe and put out some snacks and refreshing summer drinks. It’ll be chilled out, low-key and just what you all need.

Throw a classic house party

There’s no more traditional way to celebrate the end of exams and results day than a house party. It can be as simple or complex as you like. You can just invite everyone round and tell them to bring drinks (if they’re old enough) and snacks with them, or you can put on a spread and put up decorations. Sometimes it’s fun to go the extra mile with table decorations, amazing food and an incredible playlist – you can even rope in a friend to act as DJ for the evening. Be prepared for a lot of clean-up in the morning, but you don’t need to worry about that now. Eat, drink, dance and let your hair down, you’ve earned it.

Remember, if you need any party supplies, The Event Experts has you covered. You’ll find everything you need for an exam results bash to remember.

What better way to treat your dad this summer than a Father’s Day BBQ?

Father’s Day 2019 is fast approaching, so there’s no time like the present to start planning. Whether he’s a difficult-to-buy-for or a fun-loving dad, there’s one party idea he’s bound to love – a BBQ!

As Father’s Day falls in summertime, it’s the perfect excuse to make the best of the sunshine and the longer days too. You can spend time together in the sun with friends and family, enjoying food, drink, music and games.

Here’s your essential guide to throwing the perfect Dad’s Day BBQ bash…

Choose your BBQ team carefully

You want your dad to be relaxing and putting his feet up on Father’s Day, so that means no manning the BBQ. If he’s like many dads though, he’ll have high standards (and plenty of opinions) about how it should be done. Choose your BBQ master carefully, perhaps even gathering a team to handle the cooking.

Plan the menu

Most dads will be very happy with the BBQ classics – good quality burgers, hot dogs and seasoned chicken. But you don’t have to play it safe, as there isn’t much you can’t cook on a barbecue. You can be adventurous with seafood, go vegetarian or even cook dessert such as pineapple, peach or marshmallows on the grill as it cools down.

Keep the drinks cool

When making your shopping list for food and drink, it’s also a smart idea to think about how you’ll keep those beers and soft drinks cool. This is especially important if the weather forecast is looking hot. An outdoor ice bucket or cooler can be the ideal solution, so that people can grab a frosty drink without having to head inside.

Get your tableware sorted

The last thing you want on party day is a stack of dirty dishes and cutlery to deal with. Take it easier by stocking up on plates, tableware, napkins, tablecloths, serving trays, cups and other party essentials, all of which are much better for use outside than ordinary crockery.

Pump up the tunes

A Father’s Day BBQ in the back garden is the perfect chance to make yourself a summer playlist, full of upbeat, sun-kissed hits. Don’t forget to include some classics too, it is your dad’s day after all.

Invite the neighbours

Worried about making too much noise and disturbing the neighbours? Either pop round to pre-apologise (perhaps with a bottle-shaped bribe in hand) or even better, invite them along to the party!

Plan some games

Depending on the dad and the amount of space you have available, it could be a good idea to plan some games or sports. It could be whatever you liked, from limbo, giant outdoor jenga and piñata fun for the kids to volleyball or a water pistol fight. Or you could simply chill in the back garden, enjoying the sun and chatting to friends and family. Think about what your dad would like best, as it’s all about him.

Remember, you can find all the party supplies you need here at The Event Experts, perfect for a fantastic and fun Father’s Day BBQ.

8 tips for an awesome baby shower that everyone will enjoy

Baby showers are something of an American trend, but they’re now becoming popular over here in the UK. They can be lovely occasions, where friends gather to celebrate the happy news, and perhaps enjoy a little cake at the same time. But in mixed groups of friends, some of whom may not have children, they can be a little cheesy.

Here’s how to throw an awesome baby shower that everyone will enjoy, without a hint of baby-food-guessing-game in sight…

  1. Keep it flexible

Rather than having scheduled party times (like a children’s birthday bash), invite everyone round for a particular time and leave the finish open-ended. This makes it more like a normal social get-together and less like ‘organised fun’. This should make everyone feel more comfortable.

  1. Plan some amazing food

Not everyone will be drinking alcohol at the party (particularly the mum-to-be) but food is something everyone can enjoy. Put some effort into planning cakes, snacks and delicious bits that are a bit above ordinary buffet standards.

  1. Head outdoors

If the baby shower is in spring or summer and the weather’s decent, throwing a baby shower outside can be a lovely idea. Stock up on party plates and picnic blankets and keep things relaxed and low-key.

  1. Create a speciality drink

The issue of whether alcohol should be served at a baby shower can be divisive, so it’s up to you to judge the mood of the room. Planning a speciality drink, such as a low-alcohol refreshing punch or cocktail, could be a good idea. Make a booze-free version and everyone’s happy.

  1. Break away from typical colour palettes

When choosing your party supplies, from tablecloths to decorations, aim to avoid the stereotype baby shower colours of pink and blue. Perhaps choose the mum-to-be’s favourite colours, or be inspired by the season.

  1. Choose thoughtful activities

If you are going to plan activities for the day, avoid the cheesy games. Instead, go for more thoughtful things like taking polaroids and having guests write messages in a book for the baby, or low-key crafts.

  1. Invite the guys

Why does your baby shower just have to be for the mum-to-be and her female friends and relatives? Invite the dad along too, plus everyone else in your normal groups of friends – you’ll have far more fun with everyone there.

  1. Rethink gift giving

Creating gift registries and asking guests to shell out for expensive presents isn’t usually very popular, so you may want to take a different approach. You could put a spend limit on gifts, ask people not to bring any presents or make it easy and ask for a tiny donation to the pot for nappies and baby essentials. This is something that many new parents would really appreciate, and it can be much better than a load of gadgets, clothes and toys that may not get used.

Now, head over to The Event Experts to pick up your baby shower party supplies!

Everybody up for an Easter egg hunt?

It’s that time of year again – Easter! If you’re planning a party for the Easter bank holiday weekend, you absolutely must include an Easter egg hunt. It’s great for kids and adults, and there are plenty of extra ways you can make it more fun for grown-ups. Follow our top party planning tips…

Get your eggs

You’ll need a good mix of plastic and chocolate eggs for a good Easter egg hunt. This gives everyone plenty to find, without the risk that a chocolate egg will be missed (only to be found mouldy behind a cupboard months later). Real hard-boiled eggs are traditional, but it’s just too risky. If one is missed, you’ll be smelling it for months. This mix of plastic and chocolate also makes the chocolate eggs more valuable to the hunters, an extra prize to be won.

If you’re throwing a kids party, you could even have the children decorate the plastic eggs before hiding them.

Other supplies you’ll need are Easter baskets for collecting the eggs and party decorations like pastel-coloured tablecloths.

Planning the hunt and hiding those eggs

There are two ways you can do an Easter egg hunt. The first is to provide your searchers with clues to where the eggs are hidden, while the second is a chaotic free-for-all where everyone runs around finding as many eggs as they can. Both are just as fun, it’s all down to whether you have the time to write the clues.

When it comes to hiding the eggs, think of your party guests. If it’s mainly for younger children, make it really easy. Don’t hide your eggs too well, but maybe make one or two more difficult to find. Needless to say, hide the eggs at a low, child-friendly level and steer clear of any hazards.

For older children and adults, you can increase both the height and the difficulty. As a general rule, Easter egg hunts are best done outside if the weather’s good. It can become to chaotic inside the house, unless you have a lot of space to play with.

A final thing to consider is the rules. So that it’s all fair and no one gets upset, it’s best to start with a few basic rules. Pair younger and older children together to make it fairer, and limit any chocolate eating until the end of the hunt. You may also need to watch out for pushing and shoving!

Egg hunts for adults

Easter egg hunts aren’t just for children! Running about hunting for hidden eggs is a great way to fill a breathless, giggly and silly half hour. It can also be a fun ice breaker at the start of your Easter party. Put everyone in teams and send them off to find the eggs, or why not hide other more grown-up things like alcohol miniatures or dares? There are lots of ways to adapt the hunt to an adult audience, all finished off with chocolate, cocktails and a brilliant Easter party at the end.

If you’re planning your Easter bash, you’ll find a full range of party planning supplies here at The Event Experts.

5 party planning tips for the ultimate St Patrick’s Day fun

Planning some St Patrick’s Day 2019 shenanigans this year? Whether you’re Irish or have friends from Ireland, or simply love the fun and games of St Patrick’s Day, it’s a great excuse to throw a party. Here are 5 easy tips to help you have the most fun ever on Sunday 17th March…

  1. Go green

Green dominates St Patrick’s Day, so it’s a great starting point for your decorations. Have fun with different shades of green in your tablecloths, balloons, plates and cutlery. It doesn’t have to be all green though, as you can also use the colours of the Irish flag as well as bringing in elements of gold and glitter. You can even get fresh flowers in shades of green, orange and white to match the flag, ideal for this time of year when spring is on the way.

  1. Get the Guinness in

It just wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day without a pint or two of the black stuff. But if you aren’t a fan, why not go for a Baby Guinness instead? This is a shot made up of coffee liqueur (like Kahlua or Tia Maria) with Irish cream slowly poured in so that it floats on top. The result looks exactly like a tiny Guinness. Careful not to have too many of these though, as they are quite boozy!

  1. Serve a hearty beef and Guinness pie, or slow-cooked Irish stew

Traditional foods eaten on St Patrick’s Day don’t tend to be dainty, as the most popular dishes include hearty fare like beef and Guinness pie or a slow-cooked stew. You could try your hand at making soda bread, or play it safe and buy the food in from the supermarket.

  1. Mix up some Irish whiskey cocktails

Ireland is famous for its incredible whiskey, so it’d be a shame not to sample some (responsibly, of course) at your St Patrick’s Day party. Shake up a storm with whiskey cocktails such an Old Fashioned with Jameson Black Barrel, or an Irish Gold with Tullamore Dew and peach schnapps. Or why not serve up Irish coffees? There are loads of options for grown-up St Patrick’s Day parties, so have some fun with it!

  1. Bake up shamrock-topped cupcakes

You don’t have to go overboard with the green and shamrock decorations, but it can be fun to include a little nod to this most famous symbol of Ireland. The perfect way to do it is by baking (or buying – no one will ever know) some cupcakes and decorating them in white and green. Get a shamrock stencil or have a bash with drawing the shape in icing. Your cupcakes will look great!

This is also a fabulous idea if you’re having a more family-friendly party, as you can get the kids involved in decorating the cupcakes.

For more St Patrick’s Day party planning inspiration and all your party supplies in one place, head to The Event Experts’ party shop.

Valentines Day 2019: How to plan the perfect party just for two

Going out on Valentine’s Day doesn’t always work out as you’d imagined. Everywhere is far too busy and your favourite restaurant may even be fully booked, plus it’s always much more expensive on 14th February. So, why not enjoy a night in together this year?

Planning a cosy, candlelit evening in for just the two of you can be the perfect way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Avoid the crowds, avoid everyone! You can stay in, enjoy all of your favourite things in the comfort of your own home.

Staying in on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you can’t have the most memorable evening. Here’s how to pack your special Valentine’s party for two full of romance, surprise and lovely things…

The atmosphere

First things first – tidy up. You can’t create a romantic ambience in an untidy, cluttered room. Once everything is neat and tidy, it’s time to think about décor. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable soft furnishings around, along with romantic red decorations including fresh flowers.

Absolutely crucial to setting the scene is lighting. There’s nothing like candles to create an intimate, cosy atmosphere, along with dimmed lamps with warm-coloured light bulbs. The finishing touch is music, choose his or her favourite band and turn it down to a background level so you can still talk.

The food

If you’re a terrible cook, it’s probably best to stay out of the kitchen. The last thing you want is for the evening to be spoiled by a disappointing meal, or smoke pouring out of the kitchen! Pick up a ready-made feast and simply pop it in the oven. It’s up to you whether you pass it off as your own or confess all. Just don’t forget the dessert, as Valentine’s Day is nothing without some indulgent chocolate or something sweet.

The fizz

An easy way to turn an ordinary night in into a really special evening is to pop a little fizz. Splash out on something a bit fancier than usual and make sure you have some elegant flute glasses ready. You can even make prosecco or Champagne cocktails, such as a fruity Bellini with peach puree.

Films and fun

You could spend your evening eating, drinking and talking, but you may also want to cuddle up on the sofa with a film. Make sure you have a few different options in various genres ready, depending on what you both feel like watching. If you want to inject some more fun into the evening, you could even play a board game – just make sure it isn’t too competitive or you could fall out!

The gift

You may be busy planning your Valentine’s Day night in, but don’t forget to put some thought into the gift. Finding the perfect present and springing it at the right moment is the ideal way to add some surprise and mystery to your evening.

You’ll find all of your Valentine’s Day party supplies here at The Event Experts, from decorations and candles to gifts.

7 ways to add a little extra sparkle to your NYE 2018 party

Trying to outdo yourself with this year’s New Year’s Eve party? No problem. We’ve put together some handy and rather fabulous tips to help you add some extra special sparkle to NYE 2018 for you, your friends and family…

  1. Serve cocktails with actual sparklers

This quite literally puts some extra sparkle into your party! Indoor sparklers for drinks are perfectly safe if used responsibly, and they can make your cocktail creations just a little more glamorous.

  1. Have a wine tasting competition

If your loved ones fancy themselves as wine buffs, challenge them to prove it with a wine tasting competition where they have to guess what each wine is or where it’s from in a blind taste test. You can even stick with your sparkly theme and choose sparkling wines – you can even buy red sparkling wines now!

  1. Hold a fabulous fireworks display

If you really want to push the boat out for your NYE 2018 celebrations, why not hold a spectacular fireworks display? No more craning your necks out the back door trying to see displays held miles away, as you can do it all yourself. Choose and buy your fireworks, read all the safety and firing instructions and make sure you have enough space – and make sure you pick someone responsible to run the display who hasn’t been drinking.

  1. Choose a Hollywood glamour display for your decorations

If you want a NYE party with a bit more pizzazz, choose glitter, gold and sparkles for your decorations! The Event Experts have a party shop full of glitzy party poppers, light box decorations, tablecloths and lots more to be-sparkle your party from top to toe.

  1. Put candles and sparkly lights everywhere

To properly celebrate a special event like the start of a brand new year, you need to set the scene. Make your home or party venue as cosy and sparkly as possibly with liberal use of candles (but be careful not to put them near curtains or places where they may get knocked over), fairy lights and other mood-setting lighting.

  1. Hire some staff

For this one night of the year, why not hire some staff to serve drinks and food? If you have the budget or you’re organising a big event, it can add a real touch of class to the evening. As a big added bonus, it also means that you don’t have to do any work – simply relax and enjoy the party!

  1. Choose an indulgent centrepiece

Every amazing party needs a centrepiece, a beautiful display to make a fabulous first impression and to get everyone talking. Yours could be a cake, a chocolate or champagne fountain, an incredible floral display or even just a traditional tower of Ferrero Roche. Make it yourself if you have the time and the skill, or order yours in advance.

Make sure to check out The Event Experts NYE party shop for all the fabulous party supplies you need – have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

10 stress-busting tips for Christmas party planning

If you’re in charge of the Christmas festivities this year, you might be starting to feel the pressure. Christmas is a wonderful time, but it can also be very stressful if you’re the host! Here’s our handy, heart rate-lowering guide to Christmas party planning, to make life as easy as possible:

  1. Make your lists now

With everything written down, shopping is so much easier. Create a separate list for everything, from decorations and tableware to each of the ingredients for the food you’ll be making.

  1. Get friends and family involved in preparations

You don’t have to sweat away doing everything by yourself. Why not turn Christmas party prep into a festive tradition? The kids will love baking, while friends and family will be happy to join in making or hanging decorations.

  1. You don’t have to make absolutely everything yourself

If your local deli’s food is simply amazing and you’re already run off your feet, why not just go for it? It’ll save time and everyone will be just as happy.

  1. Ask guests to bring something

It’s the season of sharing and giving, and your friends and family will be delighted to bring along something for the party table. Even just a plate of mince pies or an extra bottle of wine will help to take the pressure off.

  1. Get all your party supplies in one place

Head to the Event Experts Christmas party shop to order everything at once – including tablecloths, paper plates, crackers, cutlery, decorations and more. One order and then it’s all done, another thing to cross off your list.

  1. Tackle cleaning one room at a time

It’s easy to succumb to Christmas cleaning fever, but remember that your guests aren’t expecting a showroom! Tackle one room at a time and break it down into half hour chunks or you’ll really wear yourself out.

  1. Mix self-serve drinks

Rather than rushing about getting everyone individual drinks, pop out a big bowl of punch or mulled wine and a ladle so that people can help themselves.

  1. Stick to easy, impressive food

It’s tempting to be overambitious with your Christmas party menu, but you may regret it. Instead, stick to simple, no-cook nibbles and other easy-to-prepare dishes that usually end up being the biggest crowd pleasers.

  1. Make use of pre-made playlists

Rather than spending hours putting together a suitably festive party playlist, why not pick one that someone else has made? There are loads to choose from on streaming platforms like Spotify. Unless of course making the Christmas playlist is one of your favourite festive traditions!

  1. Don’t be such a perfectionist

Striving for every detail to be picture perfect and for each Christmas to be bigger and better than the one before is what causes Christmas stress. Sometimes, ‘good enough’ really is good enough! Plan ahead and do your best, but remember that Christmas parties are supposed to be fun – and this means for everyone, including the host!

Want ghoulish? Want gory? Want realistic? Give Your Halloween Make-Up The Hollywood Touch

Halloween is creeping up on us and the race to get that perfect spooky outfit is on! But fear not… we’ve got all you need for your most impressive Halloween make-up ever, plus all the instructions on how to apply it.

Want ghoulish?
Want gory?
Want realistic?

Then Tinsley Transfers are your dream (or should that be, nightmare?) come true!

Designed by Hollywood special FX legend Christien Tinsley, Tinsley Transfers were developed during the filming of the blockbuster film, Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. While working on the many extras who required ultra-realistic burn and wound effects, Christien realised speedy and easy to apply make-up FX were sorely needed. The end result was… revolutionary special FX make-up so realistic and so easy to use that it won Christien an Academy Award in 2008 for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Wow! So if you were creeped out by the prosthetic transfers and tattoo FX used on Gary Oldman in Harry Potter, or in the Oceans films, on Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, or on Vin Diesel in XXX, then prepare to impress, unnerve and astound your friends with the same professional results.

Have your friends in stitches with this FX

We’ve all been there… It’s never pleasant getting your zip stuck

Catch up on your admin with this Stapled look

Your mates will be cut-up when they see how realistic this FX is


Applying the Look

Applying the FX couldn’t be easier… all you need is water, a sponge and pair of scissors.

  1. Open the packaging and take out the card. Peel the plastic off the adhesive paper. Now, grab the plastic by the corners, turn it over and lie it back down on the card with the FX facing down. Rub outwards from the centre of the adhesive to smooth out any bubbles. Keep going until all trapped air is gone.
  2. Now, cut around the piece, being careful not to cut into the transfer. (TIP: hold your wound up to the light and using a marker pen, trace onto the back of the card, where the wound is. This will help you with more accurate placement when you come to apply the FX).
  3. Before applying, make sure the skin is completely clean and free of any dirt, make-up, oils and hair. When you’re ready to apply, peel off the plastic exposing the sticky underside. When you’ve decided where to apply the transfer, press it firmly onto the skin.
  4. Once your transfer is secure, dab your adhesive paper using a wet sponge. It is very important the paper is fully saturated, so don’t rush this bit! When you’re ready to remove the paper, give it one last push and then slowly peel the paper away.
  5. After you’ve peeled the paper away, you may see an air bubble or lifted edge. Simply wet your finger and press the transfer back into the skin.
  6. To finish the look and make it ultra-realistic, add Blood FX or make-up.

That’s it! Be creative and explore the depths of your imagination!

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