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10 Fiendishly Fun Halloween Spell-abration Ideas

Kick start your Halloween spell-abrations with some killer party games.


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 (Eye)Ball Games

Transform a pack of ping pong balls into ghoulish bloodshot eyeballs with the help of coloured marker pens. Set up a cauldron, pumpkin container or group together plastic orange and black cups containing prizes, and see who can bounce their ‘eyeballs’ across a table or floor and into the containers to win the prizes.

Ghoulish Guess What

Make up a batch of runny jelly to ‘goo’ consistency, by adding a little too much water to the jelly recipe. Then, before it’s set, add some little plastic creatures, false teeth, fake fingers and the like to the jelly. Cover the bowls with black fabric, blindfold the partygoers and let them take it in turns to dip their hands into the ‘goo’ to see what they can find! Make additional mystery bowls of horror with strawberry laces, cold cooked pasta and noodles, peeled grapes, the inside carvings of the pumpkin, canned peaches, pieces of raw jelly, marshmallows soaked in water… and anything else that feels a bit ‘yukky’ and allows the imaginations of those dipping their hands to run wild!

Sleeping Monsters

A Halloween take on Sleeping Lions… and a chance for grown-ups to get a well-earned break from the trick or treat-fuelled high-pitched shrieks and squeals!


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Apple Bobbing

Bobbing for apples has a long association with Halloween. It was once considered a way of telling fortunes, with one version of the game telling that anyone who got an apple would marry. But these days, it’s just a great way for the whole family to have some fun. Fill a large bucket or container with water. Pop some apples in, and give each participant 1 minute to pull as many apples out with their teeth as possible. No hands allowed! Be prepared with some towels nearby, for wet heads… and arguments over the best techniques.


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Pass The Pumpkin

A fresh take on ‘Pass the Parcel’! Carve out a pumpkin in the normal way, and fill it with sweets or small toys. Pass the pumpkin around the circle and when the music stops, the child who is holding the pumpkin gets to take a treat!

Doughnuts on Strings

Tie pieces of string to ring doughnuts and hang them from a washing line, or length of string hung between two trees. Hang the doughnuts at slightly varying heights, so all the children are able to reach at least one. Have the players line up underneath a donut and instruct them to eat the doughnut without using their hands! First to finish, wins. (No need to give out prizes with this one though… they’ve already been eaten!)

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Wink Murder

Sit the children in a circle. Choose one person to be the detective. They must leave the room. Ask the other children to close their eyes. Walk around the circle, and tap one child on the top of their head. Explain that whoever was tapped on the head is the ‘murderer’. Get all the children to open their eyes and call the ‘detective’ back to the room. The detective sits in the centre of the circle. It is the job of the wink murderer to ‘kill’ people in the circle by winking at them surreptitiously. The job of the detective is to work out who is doing the winking. The other children, when they are winked at, may die very dramatic deaths and then lie down dead.

‘What’s the Time, Mrs Witch?’

A simple variation on What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? One person gets chosen to be the witch. He or she stands with their back to all the others across the playing area from them. The children chant “What’s the time Mrs Witch?”, to which he or she replies with a number o’clock. The children must then creep forward that number of paces. Their aim is to reach the witch and be the first to tap her shoulder. Before that happens though, the witch may at any time respond to the question “What’s the time Mrs Witch?” with “Lunch time!” Cue lots of screaming as the witch tries to catch whoever she can get her hands on and get them out.

Pin The Tail on The Black Cat / Bone on the Skeleton

Another 31st October twist on a classic. Instead of pinning the tail on a donkey, draw or print a picture of a black cat and let the children take it in turns to pin on a tail. Whoever gets the closest, wins the prize. In another variation, cut out a cardboard rib bone and have the children pin it onto a paper hanging skeleton. pinatapumpkin

Pumpkin Pinata

Little ghouls love to play with piñatas, and as they double as decoration, these great pumpkin-shaped piñatas bring fab-looking fun and games in one package.

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