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Ask An Expert – Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

In the start of a new series of Event Experts blogs focusing on weddings, we chat to Kathryn Parsons of Dream Wedding Dress* about some of the most popular looks in bridal wear at the moment. And lucky us, we got to rifle through the rails of her fabulous wedding dress shop in Canning Circus, Nottingham. So what’s hot in bridal wear in the summer of 2015?

  1. The Unstructured Romantic Look

This look is all about soft fabrics, romance and movement. Unstructured dresses give an ethereal, graceful look. It’s a great style for those wanting a bohemian or vintage feel to their day. It’s high on romance and informal glamour.

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Blue by Enzoani

Wedding Anniversaries : From Paper to Diamond


Everyone knows the 60th wedding anniversary is Diamond, but would you know what the 27th is?

It was American etiquette queen Emily Post who first introduced the convention of buying certain presents to mark each year of marriage, back in 1922. But over 90 years have passed since then and ideas on the perfect gift have changed too. Where paper might once have cut it, your first anniversary should now be celebrated with a clock according to Modern gift buying etiquette.

How To Celebrate Father’s Day (Properly)

Fathers Day1


Image courtesy of nongpinny at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you’re anything like me, there’s every chance you’re not even aware Father’s Day is approaching until one of the children returns home from school with a handmade ‘World’s Best Dad’ card, and then it’s panic stations. So this year, let’s upgrade Father’s Day from its position as Mother’s Day’s poor relation, and do it right with a few of the best ideas around.