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Sammy & Alex’s Gender Reveal Party

We catch up with one mum-and-dad-to-be in the exciting moments leading up to the big reveal at their Baby Gender Reveal Party.

gender reveal party photo2


  1. The Idea

The idea came from my best friend, Rachel, her fiancé Anthony and my husband, Alex. We all went out for a meal one evening not long before Alex and I were due to have our baby’s 20 week scan. Rachel and Anthony asked if we wanted to know whether we were having a boy or a girl and we said we did, but we were worried about offending anyone by telling some members of the family before others, and we didn’t want anyone hearing it second hand before we’d had the chance to tell them ourselves. The scan was a big step for us as we’d kept the pregnancy fairly quiet until we were sure everything was okay, and we wanted people to share in our news and celebrate. We’re big party people so we loved the idea of a baby shower but Alex didn’t think it was fair that only the women got to celebrate! His attitude was, “I like parties! I want to be involved! Why are baby showers only for women?” We wanted everyone to share in the news as to whether we were having a boy or a girl at the same time, and we wanted all our friends, male and female, to be involved. So Rachel, Anthony and Alex came up with the idea of a gender reveal party and we decided to make it something everyone could be involved in, and keep the news a secret