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Bonfire Night – Tips for a Great Night

It’s that time of year again! Crackling bonfires, winter woolens, toffee apples and spectacular firework displays. So wrap up warm and prepare to ooh and aah with these top tips for a cracking bonfire night, from our friends at 1st Galaxy Fireworks


  1. If you’re holding your own display, warn your neighbours – or invite them along! Fireworks are loud, which can disturb your neighbours. A courtesy call to warn them of the display will be much appreciated. Better still, invite them along!
  2. Be wary of buying super-cheap fireworks. Products available at bargain basement prices can be incredibly smoky (so you can’t even see the effects) or defective, causing them to misfire or not go off at all. They can even be dangerous, so always look for good quality, good value certified products from a seller you trust.
  3. Think about timing. If you have children attending the party, it’s important not to leave it too late before starting your fireworks or you risk crying, cold-fingered little ones. And on the subject of timing… many people don’t realise it’s against the law set off fireworks after 11pm. But there’s no need to leave it that late. As it’s generally dark before 5pm this time of the year, kick start celebrations at tea-time and warm up cold hands with baked spuds (and mulled wine for the adults).
  4. Take extra precautions with bonfires. Bonfire night is huge fun, but it demands attention to safety. Keep a fire extinguisher to hand, keep your bonfire away from all structures and flammable materials and always keep your spectators at a safe distance – or better still, go to an organised bonfire in the local area and make the most of other people’s fun!
  5. Keep a close eye on kids with sparklers. Sparklers may seem harmless, but they can be very dangerous for children if precautions aren’t taken. Keep a close eye on kids with sparklers, advise them not to wave them in anyone’s face and to keep them away from their eyes – and not to put them in their pockets. Keep a bucket of water or sand on-hand to extinguish sparklers.
  6. Take away the fear-factor for children. Many children are scared of the noise and lack of light at firework displays. Prevent children feeling scared of the dark and help them find their way safely about, with wind-up torches, head-torches or glow sticks. If your little ones are scared of the sound of fireworks, then think about purchasing some noise-reducing headphones to protect their ears from the biggest bangs.
  7. Keep pets inside. Dogs and cats can get very distressed when fireworks start going off, so take some steps to keep them calm – from keeping them company at home to anti-anxiety medication.
  8. Pace your display for maximum effect. The best fireworks displays are well paced with louder and quieter sections building up to a crescendo at the end.
  9. If you aren’t confident you know what you’re doing with fireworks, call in the professionals. If you’re unsure how to choose fireworks or set them off following all the safety advice, then go to an organised display or call in a professional fireworks display organiser such as 1st Galaxy to help. You can still plan your own party. Invite guests to a local organised display, then when the pyrotechnics are finished, all pile home for a warming supper of soup, bangers, and a sticky slice of parkin cake.

Have a good – and safe – Guy Fawkes!