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5 fabulous St David’s Day party traditions you may not know about

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! This is what you’ll be hearing on 1st March 2018 if you have any Welsh friends, as St David’s Day is nearly upon us.

Fancy celebrating this festival of Wales’ patron saint with an event of your own? Even if you have no Welsh heritage yourself, it’s a fantastic excuse for a knees-up. What’s more, there are lots of fun, unusual and downright delicious St David’s Day party traditions that most of us have never heard of – so now is the perfect time to give them a try…

  1. Make (and eat!) some Bara Brith. This tea loaf, along with Welsh cakes, cawl (soup), roast lamb and Welsh rarebit, are staples of any Welsh celebration. This ‘speckled bread’ is bursting with fruit and flavour, and is absolutely delicious. It’s readily available on St David’s Day if you know where to shop, but it’s much more fun to make it yourself.
  1. Give your guests a lovespoon. Party planners who are really embracing the theme may want to purchase or make a small gift for their guests – and nothing says Happy St David’s Day more than a traditional lovespoon! Dating back to the 17th century, this is a symbolic gift consisting of a carved wooden spoon, often featuring hearts, horseshoes and other charm symbols.
  1. Get a dragon costume or a Welsh chimney hat! It wouldn’t be a St David’s Day party without a dragon being involved somewhere. This is a fantastic fancy dress theme, or you can decorate a cake with a fire-breather of your own creation. The tall Welsh ‘chimney’ hat may be a little trickier to find, but along with a red shawl – it is what schoolchildren in Wales typically wear on St David’s Day.
  1. Do some daffodil crafts. If you’re having a laid-back or even a family-friendly bash, why not try your hand at some relaxing and colourful crafts? Welsh people all over the world often celebrate St David’s Day by making and decorating their parties with daffodil bunting, fabric flowers and badges. It’s cheap, fun, great for kids and can really brighten the place up.
  1. Have a dram of Welsh whisky. Strictly one for the adults, this is the perfect way to inject your party with some real Welsh spirit. Wales has some excellent whiskies to try, particularly those from the Welsh Whisky Company and its Penderyn distillery.

Planning a St David’s Day party? We can help!

There’s not much time left before the big day, so gather together your Welsh flags, daffodil bunting and stock up on baking ingredients for all those Welsh cakes and Bara Brith you’ll be making.

The Event Experts can also help with a full range of party supplies from tableware and balloons to fireworks, and we’ve got plenty of red, white and green items to fit the theme! Alternatively, you can take advantage of our custom party planning service if you really want to push the boat out this St David’s Day.

It’s nearly Chinese New Year – time to start party planning

In 2018, Chinese New Year falls on Friday 16th February, and will be celebrated worldwide with parades, dances, communal meals and other festivities. But as well as public celebrations, many people throw an annual Chinese New Year part for all of their friends and family.

Whether you normally celebrate this huge event in the Chinese calendar – also known as the Spring Festival – or you simply love an excuse for any kind of New Year party, there isn’t long left to make your preparations. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect Chinese New Year party in a hurry:

Fireworks are a must

What are Chinese New Year celebrations most associated with? For most people, it just has to be fireworks. Just like at New Year at midnight on 31st December, there really is no bigger, better or suitably spectacular way to welcome the new year than a sparkling, explosive pyrotechnic display. Just make sure you stick to your local authority guidelines about the times you are allowed to hold your display, and remember to follow all essential safety instructions.

Go red and gold with your décor

Choosing a theme for the décor for your party is easy, as the cheerful colours of the Chinese national flag lend themselves perfectly to celebrations of all kinds. Vibrant red and glimmering gold are the colours to plump for, in everything from tablecloths and balloons to lanterns and candles. You really can’t use too much red and gold!

Crafts for kids

Chinese New Year is also a great excuse for some cheeky crafting, and you can get the kids involved too. For example, you could buy Chinese lanterns with which decorate your party, or you can make some yourself! There are lots of instructions and printable templates available online, many of which are nice and easy for the younger members of your party to keep up with.

Have fun with dumplings

This event is all about celebrating the best of Chinese culture, and not many countries do dumplings better than China. You can order them in, make some yourself or have a therapeutic and fun dumpling folding session with your guests – just make sure you have some Jiaozi, Dim Sum pot stickers or even steamed Bāozi buns at your shindig!

And remember – it’s the Year of the Dog

For dog lovers, it’s great news that 2018 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar. This means you can bring pooches into your party plans – finally, an excuse! Invite your guests to bring their four-legged friends along to the party, and you can even stipulate a red and gold dress code for humans and pets alike.

Need help with party planning? If you need an easy way to find party supplies all in one convenient place, or you need expert assistance with a private or corporate party, you know where to turn. Get in touch with The Event Experts, for memorable events made easier.