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One May Bank Holiday down, now to plan the next!

May is a marvellous month, as it has not one but two Bank Holidays. If we’re lucky enough to get such glorious weather for the next one, the Spring Bank Holiday weekend from 26th-28th May, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a garden party.

Here’s just a handful of other fabulous Bank Holiday party ideas, perfect for making the most of the spring weather:

Hold your own bake-off

If you adore the TV programme and fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry, why not prove it by organising and winning your own cake competition? It’s easy to plan, and the Event Experts have all you need to present all of the icing-topped cakes and bakes beautifully – from colourful table covers to candles and cake supplies. Ask all of your guests to bring along their own cakey creation, and you can even set a theme or category if you like. The very best part is that everyone gets to enjoy tasting the entries and choosing a winner!

Add your own twist to a BBQ

BBQs don’t have to be all the same, just hot dogs, burgers and buckets of coleslaw. Why not add your own twist this Spring Bank Holiday and do something a little different? There are loads of ways to spice things up, such as asking your guests to bring foods for the BBQ from a particular country or trying a vegetarian-only barbecue. You can have a seafood-only menu or try only foods that you’ve never tasted before. You can even have a cook-off between all the budding BBQ chefs that you know. Just shake things up a little and see what fun you can have!

Throw an outdoor fun day (ideal for families)

If you have lots of friends with children, the perfect way to keep the kids occupied is to organise some sort of interactive sports tournament. It could be as simple as a football game, or you could really push the boat out with an inflatable ‘It’s a Knockout’ style obstacle course. As long as you’ve got enough space and enough people to take part, it’s a great excuse to get outdoors and celebrate the brilliant weather.

Pop up a marquee

We all hope the weather will be gorgeous for the second May Bank Holiday weekend, but it’s best to make sure you’ve got some cover for your party. A marquee is the ideal way to enjoy an indoor-outside experience, where you’ve got protection if it rains but can throw doors and sides open if the sun shines. If you’re having a Bank Holiday blowout, a marquee is a party essential.

Remember – don’t leave it too late to organise your party supplies. Spring Bank Holiday 2018 will soon be here! The Event Experts is a one-stop party shop where you can find everything you need for a fun-stuffed Spring Bank Holiday all in one handy place. Shop now and make party planning just that little bit easier.

Spring has sprung! 6 outdoor party ideas for the May Day Bank Holiday

After a cold, wet and windy winter, it’s finally here – spring! Even better for the desk-bound workers of the UK, there’s a bank holiday coming up. The May Day Bank Holiday falls on Monday 7th May, giving you a lovely, long three-day weekend to enjoy what will hopefully be warm and sunny weather.

Here are 6 of our favourite outdoor party ideas to help you celebrate the Early May Bank Holiday weekend with friends and family:

  1. A fun day for the kids. If you have the space, turn your back garden into an adventure playground for the kids. Hire a small bouncy castle, play some music and let the little ones roam free while the grown-ups enjoy a cocktail or two.
  1. Throw a cocktail party. For something a little more grown-up, why not invite some friends round for a rather sophisticated drinks party. Choose a handful of concoctions (mojitos are a great bet for nice weather) and get everyone involved in making them. If the evening is warm, head outside to carry on the party in the balmy spring air.
  1. May Day fireworks. Celebrate in real style this May Day Bank Holiday with your own fireworks display! If there’s nothing organised in your local area, why not plan your own pyrotechnics extravaganza? As long as you follow local authority and safety guidelines, you can have a light show in your own back garden.
  1. Put up a maypole. This is the traditional way to celebrate May Day, and kids still absolutely love it. A maypole is really simple to make too, as all you need is a sturdy pole or tree and some colourful ribbons. Nowadays, maypole dancing isn’t very common so it’ll be a really memorable and fun experience for your guests. You can even add in other elements of traditional celebrations, such as sweet stalls and cotton candy.
  1. Plan a picnic. Held either in your garden or a local park or green space, a picnic is a great way to bring friends and family together – especially if the weather is lovely! Arrange for everyone to bring an item (either homemade or shop-bought, and coordinate to avoid too many of the same foods and drinks) and don’t forget balls and games for the kids.
  1. Choose a flower theme. Flowers are traditionally associated with May Day, and using them to decorate your party venue is a wonderful way to welcome in spring and summer. You can even use flowers as part of craft activities for children, as well as creating beautiful flower garlands for your guests and using flower shapes, petals and flavours to decorate cupcakes. Use flowers alongside balloons and bunting in bright, warm spring colours to really set the mood for your party – and open the windows to let plenty of light and fresh air in!

For all of your May Day party supplies, as well as ideas and inspiration, head straight to the Event Experts.