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No last-minute preparations for you this year! How to get 100% ready for Halloween 2018 now

Do you often feel that Halloween sneaks up on you? How ever much you love this spookiest of holidays, it’s easy for life and work to get in the way. Before you know it, it’s 30th October and you have no costume and are rushing about trying to throw a last-minute party together.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the last-minute panic and throw an epic, super-organised Halloween for you and the kids in 2018:

  • Start thinking about it now. It may be early, but early planning is essential with a day like Halloween which involves costumes. It can take some time to decide on your costume, not to mention the prep you’ll need to do if the kids are going trick or treating. Start by having a chat with the kids, or your friends, about costume ideas. It can take some time to find the perfect one!
  • Get online and do your research. No idea what to dress up as this year? Get on the internet and start doing your research to find some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start, there are literally millions of images of imaginative and creepy costumes for Halloween on there.
  • Send out a group message or create a Facebook event for your party. If you’re planning to throw a Halloween party, you’ll need to let everyone know before they make other plans. This is a huge advantage of starting your planning super early, as you can get in there before those other invites start flooding in. The result? Lots of guests and a brilliant Halloween party!
  • Do some family crafting. With lots of your time at your disposal, there’s no need to panic about your costume and rush out to secure the last (and worst) one in the hire shop. Why not make your costume instead? Even if you aren’t the craftiest, you can at least create a cool mask with your own fair hands. Making Halloween costumes is also a brilliant way to get the kids involved in and excited about Halloween, and it’s a lovely way to spend time together and have fun!
  • Make your party shopping list now. Another problem with last-minute party planning is the dash to the supermarket to throw party supplies in your shopping basket, usually including a wrestle with another shopper over the last Halloween pumpkin. Avoid all that stress by making your shopping list now and heading to the party supplies shop at The Event Experts to place your order.
  • Decorate early! Some people like to put their Christmas decorations up weeks or even months before the big day, so why not do the same with Halloween? If you’re Halloween-mad, why not get into the spirit nice and early? As long as you’re not leaving for work with cobwebs in your hair, you can make the spooky season last just a little longer by getting your decorations up early.