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Want ghoulish? Want gory? Want realistic? Give Your Halloween Make-Up The Hollywood Touch

Halloween is creeping up on us and the race to get that perfect spooky outfit is on! But fear not… we’ve got all you need for your most impressive Halloween make-up ever, plus all the instructions on how to apply it.

Want ghoulish?
Want gory?
Want realistic?

Then Tinsley Transfers are your dream (or should that be, nightmare?) come true!

Designed by Hollywood special FX legend Christien Tinsley, Tinsley Transfers were developed during the filming of the blockbuster film, Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. While working on the many extras who required ultra-realistic burn and wound effects, Christien realised speedy and easy to apply make-up FX were sorely needed. The end result was… revolutionary special FX make-up so realistic and so easy to use that it won Christien an Academy Award in 2008 for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Wow! So if you were creeped out by the prosthetic transfers and tattoo FX used on Gary Oldman in Harry Potter, or in the Oceans films, on Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, or on Vin Diesel in XXX, then prepare to impress, unnerve and astound your friends with the same professional results.

Have your friends in stitches with this FX

We’ve all been there… It’s never pleasant getting your zip stuck

Catch up on your admin with this Stapled look

Your mates will be cut-up when they see how realistic this FX is


Applying the Look

Applying the FX couldn’t be easier… all you need is water, a sponge and pair of scissors.

  1. Open the packaging and take out the card. Peel the plastic off the adhesive paper. Now, grab the plastic by the corners, turn it over and lie it back down on the card with the FX facing down. Rub outwards from the centre of the adhesive to smooth out any bubbles. Keep going until all trapped air is gone.
  2. Now, cut around the piece, being careful not to cut into the transfer. (TIP: hold your wound up to the light and using a marker pen, trace onto the back of the card, where the wound is. This will help you with more accurate placement when you come to apply the FX).
  3. Before applying, make sure the skin is completely clean and free of any dirt, make-up, oils and hair. When you’re ready to apply, peel off the plastic exposing the sticky underside. When you’ve decided where to apply the transfer, press it firmly onto the skin.
  4. Once your transfer is secure, dab your adhesive paper using a wet sponge. It is very important the paper is fully saturated, so don’t rush this bit! When you’re ready to remove the paper, give it one last push and then slowly peel the paper away.
  5. After you’ve peeled the paper away, you may see an air bubble or lifted edge. Simply wet your finger and press the transfer back into the skin.
  6. To finish the look and make it ultra-realistic, add Blood FX or make-up.

That’s it! Be creative and explore the depths of your imagination!

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And with our quick delivery, you’ve still got plenty of time to work on the best way to terrify those trick or treaters!


Bonfire Night countdown! 10 party essentials to get sorted now

Throwing a Bonfire Night bash this year? It’s a fantastic way to catch up with friends and family, as well as enjoying all those things we love about this time of year – from the crisp autumn weather to spiced wine and warming food.

There’s not long to go until the big day, so start planning your party prep right away! Here are 10 things to do now, then you’ll be super organised for the big day.

  1. Pick a spot for the bonfire and get hold of materials for burning. You should choose a spot that is comfortably away from the house and any trees or shrubs, as well as from fireworks if you’re having them. Make a firepit, using a ring of stones or a dug out circle of turf to contain the fire. Then all you need is wood to burn (wooden pallets are a great idea) and someone who knows what they’re doing to build and manage the bonfire.
  2. Get your Guy made. You’ve got to have a Guy to burn on your bonfire, it’s tradition. Commission the kids to make him or her, but start doing it now as it takes time to put one together.
  3. Plan a fireworks display. Not every bonfire night party needs fireworks, as the sky will be full of them on 5th November, but it can be nice to set some fireworks off to add a little extra excitement to the evening. Choose and buy your fireworks now, even if it’s only sparklers. Then remember to keep them somewhere secure, safe and dry.
  4. Choose some delicious autumnal recipes and get ready to cook up a storm. There are hundreds of recipes to be found online that are perfect for Bonfire Night, from spicy pumpkin samosas to ginger cake, as well as hot dogs, toffee apples, treacle toffee and many other delicious treats. Start making your shopping list now!
  5. Order your party supplies. This is another way to be organised and get ahead, by ordering your paper plates, napkins, cutlery, tablecloths and other party supplies from The Event Experts in advance.
  6. Brush up on Bonfire Night safety. This may not be as fun as browsing Bonfire Night recipes or making a Guy, but it really is essential. You’re in charge of proceedings, so you need to make sure the bonfire and fireworks are 100% safe for your guests.
  7. Buy lots of candles and outdoor lights. Flickering candles and atmospheric garden lights help to set the perfect tone for a Bonfire Night party.
  8. Cosy up your home. This means putting out extra blankets, cushions and throws to make your home extra cosy and welcoming ready for the big night, when it may very well be a chilly one.
  9. Plan some games. This is particularly important if you’ll be entertaining younger guests, and you can even make a kids corner where they can enjoy toys, games and colouring in while the grown-ups enjoy a few drinks.
  10. Practice your hot drinks. A spiced cider or mulled wine is a great choice for Bonfire Night, as is hot chocolate with all the trimmings. It’s important to get these things just right though, so you may have to do some practice batches to test beforehand – but we’re sure you won’t mind!

13 things you need for the perfect Halloween party

There’s not long left to Halloween 2018, so it’s all hands on deck if you want to plan the perfect Halloween party! Here at the Event Experts, we can help. Follow these 13 tips for a scary good bash:

  1. A brilliant theme. Your theme could just be ‘Halloween’, but why not be more creative? Ask your guests to come as their favourite scary movie characters, or choose something more specific like ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.
  2. Carved pumpkins. These are essential decorations that no Halloween party can be without, and they’re fun to do too. Get the kids involved and once finished, get those pumpkins flickering away menacingly on the windowsill.
  3. Candles. Nothing says spooky like a room full of flickering, dribbling candles, just make sure you use them carefully and keep away from the curtains!
  4. Silly decorations. Cobwebs, bloody handprints and fake spiders may be silly, but they’re really good fun too. Your guests will love them.
  5. Blood red cocktails. Whip up a big bowl of ‘Dracula’s blood’ punch, using grenadine to give your cocktails that blood-red colour.
  6. A spooky playlist. It’s worth putting some time and thought into this one, as the playlist can make or break a party. There are loads of spooky-themed party bangers to choose from, so have fun and take your pick!
  7. Hilarious finger food and snacks. This is another area in which you can really have some fun. Create edible zombie fingers with chocolate and dates, ‘poison’ apples, meringue ghosts and chocolate eyeballs.
  8. Halloween movies. This is a great one to keep kids as well as grown-ups happy – simply stick on your favourite classic scary movie in one room of the house to get everyone in the mood for a brilliant Halloween.
  9. Mood lighting. Halloween doesn’t feel like Halloween in a brightly lit kitchen, so you really need some dimmable options. Lamps are essential, to give you just enough light to see by while also creating a spooky den of horror.
  10. Terrifying surprises. If you have the time and energy (and creativity), why not rig up a terrifying pop-up surprise for your guests? For example, a glowing skeleton that springs out of a cupboard or even a huge fake spider falling from the ceiling.
  11. Party games. These aren’t just for kids, although it’s probably a good idea to go easy if you’re planning an adults-only party. Apple bobbing can be super silly and fun, or why not prepare a Halloween quiz with a great prize for the winning team?
  12. Costume competition. Offering prizes for best costume is a great incentive to make all your friends and family really make an effort, so you should get some awesome costumes at your party.
  13. Tableware and party essentials. In all the Halloween chaos, don’t forget those party essentials! Napkins, balloons, utensils, tablecloths and paper plates should all be on your shopping list – you’ll find them all in the one handy place here at The Event Experts.