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7 ways to add a little extra sparkle to your NYE 2018 party

Trying to outdo yourself with this year’s New Year’s Eve party? No problem. We’ve put together some handy and rather fabulous tips to help you add some extra special sparkle to NYE 2018 for you, your friends and family…

  1. Serve cocktails with actual sparklers

This quite literally puts some extra sparkle into your party! Indoor sparklers for drinks are perfectly safe if used responsibly, and they can make your cocktail creations just a little more glamorous.

  1. Have a wine tasting competition

If your loved ones fancy themselves as wine buffs, challenge them to prove it with a wine tasting competition where they have to guess what each wine is or where it’s from in a blind taste test. You can even stick with your sparkly theme and choose sparkling wines – you can even buy red sparkling wines now!

  1. Hold a fabulous fireworks display

If you really want to push the boat out for your NYE 2018 celebrations, why not hold a spectacular fireworks display? No more craning your necks out the back door trying to see displays held miles away, as you can do it all yourself. Choose and buy your fireworks, read all the safety and firing instructions and make sure you have enough space – and make sure you pick someone responsible to run the display who hasn’t been drinking.

  1. Choose a Hollywood glamour display for your decorations

If you want a NYE party with a bit more pizzazz, choose glitter, gold and sparkles for your decorations! The Event Experts have a party shop full of glitzy party poppers, light box decorations, tablecloths and lots more to be-sparkle your party from top to toe.

  1. Put candles and sparkly lights everywhere

To properly celebrate a special event like the start of a brand new year, you need to set the scene. Make your home or party venue as cosy and sparkly as possibly with liberal use of candles (but be careful not to put them near curtains or places where they may get knocked over), fairy lights and other mood-setting lighting.

  1. Hire some staff

For this one night of the year, why not hire some staff to serve drinks and food? If you have the budget or you’re organising a big event, it can add a real touch of class to the evening. As a big added bonus, it also means that you don’t have to do any work – simply relax and enjoy the party!

  1. Choose an indulgent centrepiece

Every amazing party needs a centrepiece, a beautiful display to make a fabulous first impression and to get everyone talking. Yours could be a cake, a chocolate or champagne fountain, an incredible floral display or even just a traditional tower of Ferrero Roche. Make it yourself if you have the time and the skill, or order yours in advance.

Make sure to check out The Event Experts NYE party shop for all the fabulous party supplies you need – have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

10 stress-busting tips for Christmas party planning

If you’re in charge of the Christmas festivities this year, you might be starting to feel the pressure. Christmas is a wonderful time, but it can also be very stressful if you’re the host! Here’s our handy, heart rate-lowering guide to Christmas party planning, to make life as easy as possible:

  1. Make your lists now

With everything written down, shopping is so much easier. Create a separate list for everything, from decorations and tableware to each of the ingredients for the food you’ll be making.

  1. Get friends and family involved in preparations

You don’t have to sweat away doing everything by yourself. Why not turn Christmas party prep into a festive tradition? The kids will love baking, while friends and family will be happy to join in making or hanging decorations.

  1. You don’t have to make absolutely everything yourself

If your local deli’s food is simply amazing and you’re already run off your feet, why not just go for it? It’ll save time and everyone will be just as happy.

  1. Ask guests to bring something

It’s the season of sharing and giving, and your friends and family will be delighted to bring along something for the party table. Even just a plate of mince pies or an extra bottle of wine will help to take the pressure off.

  1. Get all your party supplies in one place

Head to the Event Experts Christmas party shop to order everything at once – including tablecloths, paper plates, crackers, cutlery, decorations and more. One order and then it’s all done, another thing to cross off your list.

  1. Tackle cleaning one room at a time

It’s easy to succumb to Christmas cleaning fever, but remember that your guests aren’t expecting a showroom! Tackle one room at a time and break it down into half hour chunks or you’ll really wear yourself out.

  1. Mix self-serve drinks

Rather than rushing about getting everyone individual drinks, pop out a big bowl of punch or mulled wine and a ladle so that people can help themselves.

  1. Stick to easy, impressive food

It’s tempting to be overambitious with your Christmas party menu, but you may regret it. Instead, stick to simple, no-cook nibbles and other easy-to-prepare dishes that usually end up being the biggest crowd pleasers.

  1. Make use of pre-made playlists

Rather than spending hours putting together a suitably festive party playlist, why not pick one that someone else has made? There are loads to choose from on streaming platforms like Spotify. Unless of course making the Christmas playlist is one of your favourite festive traditions!

  1. Don’t be such a perfectionist

Striving for every detail to be picture perfect and for each Christmas to be bigger and better than the one before is what causes Christmas stress. Sometimes, ‘good enough’ really is good enough! Plan ahead and do your best, but remember that Christmas parties are supposed to be fun – and this means for everyone, including the host!