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5 party planning tips for the ultimate St Patrick’s Day fun

Planning some St Patrick’s Day 2019 shenanigans this year? Whether you’re Irish or have friends from Ireland, or simply love the fun and games of St Patrick’s Day, it’s a great excuse to throw a party. Here are 5 easy tips to help you have the most fun ever on Sunday 17th March…

  1. Go green

Green dominates St Patrick’s Day, so it’s a great starting point for your decorations. Have fun with different shades of green in your tablecloths, balloons, plates and cutlery. It doesn’t have to be all green though, as you can also use the colours of the Irish flag as well as bringing in elements of gold and glitter. You can even get fresh flowers in shades of green, orange and white to match the flag, ideal for this time of year when spring is on the way.

  1. Get the Guinness in

It just wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day without a pint or two of the black stuff. But if you aren’t a fan, why not go for a Baby Guinness instead? This is a shot made up of coffee liqueur (like Kahlua or Tia Maria) with Irish cream slowly poured in so that it floats on top. The result looks exactly like a tiny Guinness. Careful not to have too many of these though, as they are quite boozy!

  1. Serve a hearty beef and Guinness pie, or slow-cooked Irish stew

Traditional foods eaten on St Patrick’s Day don’t tend to be dainty, as the most popular dishes include hearty fare like beef and Guinness pie or a slow-cooked stew. You could try your hand at making soda bread, or play it safe and buy the food in from the supermarket.

  1. Mix up some Irish whiskey cocktails

Ireland is famous for its incredible whiskey, so it’d be a shame not to sample some (responsibly, of course) at your St Patrick’s Day party. Shake up a storm with whiskey cocktails such an Old Fashioned with Jameson Black Barrel, or an Irish Gold with Tullamore Dew and peach schnapps. Or why not serve up Irish coffees? There are loads of options for grown-up St Patrick’s Day parties, so have some fun with it!

  1. Bake up shamrock-topped cupcakes

You don’t have to go overboard with the green and shamrock decorations, but it can be fun to include a little nod to this most famous symbol of Ireland. The perfect way to do it is by baking (or buying – no one will ever know) some cupcakes and decorating them in white and green. Get a shamrock stencil or have a bash with drawing the shape in icing. Your cupcakes will look great!

This is also a fabulous idea if you’re having a more family-friendly party, as you can get the kids involved in decorating the cupcakes.

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