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8 tips for an awesome baby shower that everyone will enjoy

Baby showers are something of an American trend, but they’re now becoming popular over here in the UK. They can be lovely occasions, where friends gather to celebrate the happy news, and perhaps enjoy a little cake at the same time. But in mixed groups of friends, some of whom may not have children, they can be a little cheesy.

Here’s how to throw an awesome baby shower that everyone will enjoy, without a hint of baby-food-guessing-game in sight…

  1. Keep it flexible

Rather than having scheduled party times (like a children’s birthday bash), invite everyone round for a particular time and leave the finish open-ended. This makes it more like a normal social get-together and less like ‘organised fun’. This should make everyone feel more comfortable.

  1. Plan some amazing food

Not everyone will be drinking alcohol at the party (particularly the mum-to-be) but food is something everyone can enjoy. Put some effort into planning cakes, snacks and delicious bits that are a bit above ordinary buffet standards.

  1. Head outdoors

If the baby shower is in spring or summer and the weather’s decent, throwing a baby shower outside can be a lovely idea. Stock up on party plates and picnic blankets and keep things relaxed and low-key.

  1. Create a speciality drink

The issue of whether alcohol should be served at a baby shower can be divisive, so it’s up to you to judge the mood of the room. Planning a speciality drink, such as a low-alcohol refreshing punch or cocktail, could be a good idea. Make a booze-free version and everyone’s happy.

  1. Break away from typical colour palettes

When choosing your party supplies, from tablecloths to decorations, aim to avoid the stereotype baby shower colours of pink and blue. Perhaps choose the mum-to-be’s favourite colours, or be inspired by the season.

  1. Choose thoughtful activities

If you are going to plan activities for the day, avoid the cheesy games. Instead, go for more thoughtful things like taking polaroids and having guests write messages in a book for the baby, or low-key crafts.

  1. Invite the guys

Why does your baby shower just have to be for the mum-to-be and her female friends and relatives? Invite the dad along too, plus everyone else in your normal groups of friends – you’ll have far more fun with everyone there.

  1. Rethink gift giving

Creating gift registries and asking guests to shell out for expensive presents isn’t usually very popular, so you may want to take a different approach. You could put a spend limit on gifts, ask people not to bring any presents or make it easy and ask for a tiny donation to the pot for nappies and baby essentials. This is something that many new parents would really appreciate, and it can be much better than a load of gadgets, clothes and toys that may not get used.

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