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Rainy day fixes – how to bring the party indoors if the heavens open

Even with the soggy British climate, there should be plenty of opportunities for sun-drenched garden parties and BBQs throughout summer. But if it’s unexpectedly rainy, like it has been recently, you’re going to need a Plan B.

The prepared party planner has plenty of tricks up his or her sleeve, just in case rainy weather ruins your outdoor summer bash. Bear these tips in mind and your party will never be a washout:

  • Keep an emergency gazebo on standby

If you have a garage or some other storage space, invest in your own gazebo for moments like this. If you don’t want to buy one and you’ve been keeping a close eye on the forecast some days beforehand, you can always hire a marquee. If it rains on the day, you can simply set it up and create your own little beer tent! Set up a table, pop up some cheerful balloons and you’re all set. You’ll stay dry and still get to enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Go camping!

Don’t have a gazebo? If you have a large tent (one you can stand up in is ideal) – you can turn your party into an impromptu campout. Grab a load of food, drink and snuggly blankets, turn up the music or enjoy the comforting sound of rain on canvas. This is a brilliant idea for children’s parties, they’ll absolutely love it. It’ll be almost like you planned it all along!

  • Make sure you have plenty of rainy day games

A well-stocked board games cupboard can be a real saviour at times like these. If it rains, head inside and launch a board game tournament, with plenty of drinks, snacks and music on hand.

  • Make it cosy

If you’ve had to move the party indoors, why not embrace it? Make everyone feel cosy and comfortable as a storm rages outside, with plenty of candles, party decorations, cushions and comfort food. You can all relax, settle in and watch the rain on the windows. It isn’t the party you planned, but it could turn out to be a memorable day packed full of quality time with your loved ones.

  • Be flexible on the start time

If it’s forecast to rain in the morning, why not push back the start time for your BBQ or garden party? If you can be a little flexible, you could end up saving the day.

  • Cook your BBQ food indoors

If you have a fridge full of burgers, sausages and chicken legs waiting to hit the barbie, but the heavens open – here’s an easy (and delicious) back-up plan. All you need is a cast-iron griddle pan, turned right up to full heat. Get the extractor fan onto to avoid a smoky kitchen, and you’ll soon be tucking into BBQ food that’s almost as good as the real thing.

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