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Everybody up for an Easter egg hunt?

It’s that time of year again – Easter! If you’re planning a party for the Easter bank holiday weekend, you absolutely must include an Easter egg hunt. It’s great for kids and adults, and there are plenty of extra ways you can make it more fun for grown-ups. Follow our top party planning tips…

Get your eggs

You’ll need a good mix of plastic and chocolate eggs for a good Easter egg hunt. This gives everyone plenty to find, without the risk that a chocolate egg will be missed (only to be found mouldy behind a cupboard months later). Real hard-boiled eggs are traditional, but it’s just too risky. If one is missed, you’ll be smelling it for months. This mix of plastic and chocolate also makes the chocolate eggs more valuable to the hunters, an extra prize to be won.

If you’re throwing a kids party, you could even have the children decorate the plastic eggs before hiding them.

Other supplies you’ll need are Easter baskets for collecting the eggs and party decorations like pastel-coloured tablecloths.

Planning the hunt and hiding those eggs

There are two ways you can do an Easter egg hunt. The first is to provide your searchers with clues to where the eggs are hidden, while the second is a chaotic free-for-all where everyone runs around finding as many eggs as they can. Both are just as fun, it’s all down to whether you have the time to write the clues.

When it comes to hiding the eggs, think of your party guests. If it’s mainly for younger children, make it really easy. Don’t hide your eggs too well, but maybe make one or two more difficult to find. Needless to say, hide the eggs at a low, child-friendly level and steer clear of any hazards.

For older children and adults, you can increase both the height and the difficulty. As a general rule, Easter egg hunts are best done outside if the weather’s good. It can become to chaotic inside the house, unless you have a lot of space to play with.

A final thing to consider is the rules. So that it’s all fair and no one gets upset, it’s best to start with a few basic rules. Pair younger and older children together to make it fairer, and limit any chocolate eating until the end of the hunt. You may also need to watch out for pushing and shoving!

Egg hunts for adults

Easter egg hunts aren’t just for children! Running about hunting for hidden eggs is a great way to fill a breathless, giggly and silly half hour. It can also be a fun ice breaker at the start of your Easter party. Put everyone in teams and send them off to find the eggs, or why not hide other more grown-up things like alcohol miniatures or dares? There are lots of ways to adapt the hunt to an adult audience, all finished off with chocolate, cocktails and a brilliant Easter party at the end.

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