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Want ghoulish? Want gory? Want realistic? Give Your Halloween Make-Up The Hollywood Touch

Halloween is creeping up on us and the race to get that perfect spooky outfit is on! But fear not… we’ve got all you need for your most impressive Halloween make-up ever, plus all the instructions on how to apply it.

Want ghoulish?
Want gory?
Want realistic?

Then Tinsley Transfers are your dream (or should that be, nightmare?) come true!

Designed by Hollywood special FX legend Christien Tinsley, Tinsley Transfers were developed during the filming of the blockbuster film, Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. While working on the many extras who required ultra-realistic burn and wound effects, Christien realised speedy and easy to apply make-up FX were sorely needed. The end result was… revolutionary special FX make-up so realistic and so easy to use that it won Christien an Academy Award in 2008 for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Wow! So if you were creeped out by the prosthetic transfers and tattoo FX used on Gary Oldman in Harry Potter, or in the Oceans films, on Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, or on Vin Diesel in XXX, then prepare to impress, unnerve and astound your friends with the same professional results.

Have your friends in stitches with this FX

We’ve all been there… It’s never pleasant getting your zip stuck

Catch up on your admin with this Stapled look

Your mates will be cut-up when they see how realistic this FX is


Applying the Look

Applying the FX couldn’t be easier… all you need is water, a sponge and pair of scissors.

  1. Open the packaging and take out the card. Peel the plastic off the adhesive paper. Now, grab the plastic by the corners, turn it over and lie it back down on the card with the FX facing down. Rub outwards from the centre of the adhesive to smooth out any bubbles. Keep going until all trapped air is gone.
  2. Now, cut around the piece, being careful not to cut into the transfer. (TIP: hold your wound up to the light and using a marker pen, trace onto the back of the card, where the wound is. This will help you with more accurate placement when you come to apply the FX).
  3. Before applying, make sure the skin is completely clean and free of any dirt, make-up, oils and hair. When you’re ready to apply, peel off the plastic exposing the sticky underside. When you’ve decided where to apply the transfer, press it firmly onto the skin.
  4. Once your transfer is secure, dab your adhesive paper using a wet sponge. It is very important the paper is fully saturated, so don’t rush this bit! When you’re ready to remove the paper, give it one last push and then slowly peel the paper away.
  5. After you’ve peeled the paper away, you may see an air bubble or lifted edge. Simply wet your finger and press the transfer back into the skin.
  6. To finish the look and make it ultra-realistic, add Blood FX or make-up.

That’s it! Be creative and explore the depths of your imagination!

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